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From the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga and even the Chinese Super League, one thing that is observable is that soccer or football, depending on what it is referred to in your country is no small sport but one with the largest following in the world.

With increasing interest and participation from people, soccer fields are now popping up in almost any part of the world you find yourself in.

If you’re thinking of setting up a soccer field or are already in the process of setting up one, whether for recreational, training or professional purposes, lighting is a very important aspect of the process as games usually go well into the evening time. You want the proper lighting that not only show the players at ground level but one that also captures the ball whenever it is kicked to certain heights.

Though there are standards, another common trend is small-sized soccer arenas which usually take 6 players as against the standard 11. If that is what you have in mind lighting is also an important factor in ensuring that a game is enjoyable.

LEDStadium’s diverse range of LED floodlights which include the floodlights ace, floodlights focus and the floodlights core ideal for horizontal and vertical illumination will be able to provide the perfect lighting solutions to set up your soccer field lights.

Whether golf, baseball, tennis, basketball, football or soccer, lighting is very important as it not only makes a sport arena meet required standards but also improves the overall quality of the game being played as it is more enjoyable for not only the players but the spectators.

With an average game often exceeding an hour, including pre-game preparation, half-time and post-game activities, powering all the soccer field lights may pose to be an expensive venture. However, with our lights purely LED, you are able to save between 70% – 80% on electricity consumption. The Focus flood light also has a life span of more than 80,000 hours, which is much higher than most other lighting sources or average LEDs in the market giving you great value for money.

In addition to using our LED lights as your soccer lights, you will also be able to enjoy steady color temperature, dimming ability and minimal light decay.

Some of the options available include the Focus LED floodlight 300W, 600W, 900W and 1200W which can be used to illuminate not just the soccer field but also basketball courts, baseball fields and basketball courts both indoors and outdoors. The Focus’ soccer stadium lights are equipped with spill control which ensures that the light beams are accurately directed to the location desired while maintaining low glare.

Understanding that the world has become a highly visual place with constant photo uploads and live streaming of events, our LED Lights for Soccer Stadium have been designed taking into consideration various professionals like videographers, photographers, cameramen and women and also the spectator at the bleacher by ensuring that they are able to capture not the just the action but special moments without much interference from our lights. Compatible with high speed and high definition cameras up to 60Hz and 5000 fps, our LED soccer lights are just perfect for this present digital world. This makes both the live game and broadcast or streamed game very pleasant to watch.

Persistent heat shortens the life span and suppresses the brightness of LED Lights for Soccer Stadium. In light of this, we have developed an exclusive heat dissipation system that consists of dense aluminum fins arrangement. All these further guarantee that LED Stadium Lights provides the best possible options available to meet your lighting needs. Whether our LED soccer lights are placed for a competitive game or training session, you certainly will be getting one of the best soccer lights in the market.

Some major advantages of our lights include, very high luminosity level, improved ground reach level especially from our floodlights, low weight, modular design which makes it pretty easy to replace specific parts without changing the entire lighting system, open design and improved heat dissipation system. All these have been designed and tested to ensure quality lighting. So when you decide to set up your soccer lights, you will be certainly getting the best in the market.

With LEDStadium’s Soccer stadium lights, you’ll be able to clearly see not just your favorite team play, but also their goals.

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